Good People, Helping Aspiring Americans Succeed

The Good People Fund in partnership with its grantees, helps to improve the lives and trajectories of Aspiring Americans – refugees, victims of human trafficking, and others – seeking safety, community, and opportunity despite enormous challenges. In this episode, Good People Fund Executive Director Naomi Eisenberger speaks with four change makers in this realm, who describe their unique experiences, observations, and approaches to uplifting newcomers seeking better lives for themselves and their families.  

Our guests: Kristen Bloom, Founder and Executive Director of Refugee Assistance Alliance in Coral Gables, FL; Sloane Davidson, Founder and CEO of Hello Neighbor in Pittsburgh, PA; Kari Miller, Founder and Executive Director of International Neighbors in Charlottesville, VA; and Dr. Eva Moya, Associate Professor, Dept. of Social Work, The University of Texas at El Paso.